December 11, 2014

1/4 through

Busy fall in Delaware, but the semester has come to a close. The blog is not dead, though it might appear to be... I haven't been birding too much or taking many photos, but maybe that will change in the coming months. I do hope to get into some coastal birding in Boston, find a Snowy Owl, and maybe some northern specialties, as I'll be in Massachusetts starting tomorrow until the end of January.

Here's a Ruby-throated, long gone, but replaced by a few Rufous in this area.

Also, this monster, the babiest Northern Cardinal I've ever seen.

September 17, 2014

Canada bound

Not sure what's happening with this bird's mouth, some sort of growth.  This was taken back in May, while this Canada Warbler was heading north for the summer, stopping over at Forsythe, NWR.