October 5, 2010


Today the weight is up with a northern harrier and a goshawk, but it's still been a tad slow, but at least it's still beautiful out.

A couple people have asked if the hawks ever try to bite, say my face. For the most part the answer is no. Shins and saw whets are too small to do any damage so they don't even try. Red tails, harriers, goshawks, and the like seem as though they'd want to take a piece of ear or something, but they never make an attempt and mostly just leave their mouths gaping open. Falcons on the other hand will tear you to shreds it given the chance. Eagles? Don't know, but if I get a chance, I'll find out and get back to you.

Here's that harrier. In flight these guys look quite large, but as Larry put it: "They're all primaries." With huge wingspans they're really hard to catch in the nets, and with better eyesight than most of the raptors they rarely even come down to check us out. So this was only our second.

Peregrine in flight
Photo by my pa

My dad's camera manages to take far better pictures of the owls, larger flash (sometimes using a piece of paper to dull it), better lens, and skills to pay the bills.
Photo by my pa


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