September 17, 2014

Canada bound

Not sure what's happening with this bird's mouth, some sort of growth.  This was taken back in May, while this Canada Warbler was heading north for the summer, stopping over at Forsythe, NWR.

September 13, 2014

Brewster's Warbler

After a summer of field work in coastal New Jersey I've finally started up at school at UD.  Classes are a few weeks in and the fall birding has been great so far.  Today was probably the best day of the fall in terms of warblers and we did pretty well at Middle Run, but that's not surprise.

Though not its own species, this bird was a first for me, a Brewster's Warbler.  It is the death of the Golden-winged Warbler, a hybrid between Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warblers.