October 26, 2010

Post Removed

A month ago, or so, a friend of mine came to visit me up here in Duluth to check out the station and see some birds. She did just that and promptly created a great blog post briefly explaining what we do here, how we do it, and why. It was informative and well written, depicting the station and the process of trapping hawks with live bait in the best of light. There were a few pictures in the blog that showed workings of the trapping here, and the head of the organization I work for was less than pleased and asked her to remove the post. I understand the issue of not wanting to attract the attention of certain animal rights groups, but the argument for removing the post is flawed as the following link will show you how readily available this information actually is to the public.

NY times, ever heard of it?!:

"Serving Up Live Bait to Attract Ecosystem Data"

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