October 25, 2010


Rainy yesterday and the last two nights so we haven't been running for a bit now. Today we opened up after a foggy morning, and managed to catch a female goshawk.

Fud also taught Larry and I how to take blood from a dove which is a useful skill for a lot of bird jobs, but I'm having a hard time seeing how people do it with much smaller birds.



  1. So do you just have little owls hanging out in the shack with you all the time?! Are the saw whets really that tame? I saw a big barred owl today when walking the dogs behind Hampshire. Flew right across the path in the middle of the day.

  2. Once we're done banding them we'll just let a few of them go in the shack for awhile. They are SO tame, it's truly unbelievable. They just look around for a good perch, try to fly to it, scrabble a bit, land on a head or two, poop a bit, and stay pretty quiet. You can get them to perch on you finger for a bit too.