September 13, 2012

Huge Day

Wow. I just got home from a 12 hour day of nonstop banding. To start the day off we caught 165 passerines in about one hour. At least two of the nets had 40 or 50 birds in them on the first check, the most I've ever seen by far. Of the 165, 104 of them were Nashville Warblers. After about an hour of banding songbirds I went over to the main raptor trapping blind and extracted and banded primarily sharpies for a couple of hours. By the time I left that station we were up to over 60 raptors. I then headed over to the Paine Farm trapping blind to help with the rush of birds there. By the end of the day the three stations had accumulated just under 400 raptors for the day and nearly 600 birds including passerines. And now I'm off to set up the nets for owls tonight...

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