March 3, 2013


Though I was semi-prepared for a cold night at the San Pedro NRCA, a frozen water bottle in the morning explained a lot about how well I slept.  After packing up camp and walking around the reserve for a bit I headed toward the hills, with White-winged Dove as my only new species of the trip that morning.

White-winged Dove

Gila Woodpecker from San Pedro House

Hikes up and down Ramsey and Miller Canyons were snowy and beautiful but fairly quiet.  Brown Creepers and Golden Eagles were seen, as well as my first Bushtit of the year.

Say's Phoebe along the side of the road near Ramsey

My last stop before heading to Patagonia for the night was a B&B in Ash Canyon, where there was a great array of feeders, though nothing new was seen.

Acorn Woodpecker



  1. Nice. Been seeing many of the same here Big Bend NP, except not the Acorn and certainly not the Pyrrhuloxia (I'd faint). Great shots!

    It's been more English sparrow and morning dove-y than I'd ever expected. Didn't expect mall birds (English sparrows) way out here. I suppose, like the creosote bush, if you're a spectacularly successful species, we're going to see you a LOT, whether we're psyched about it, or not. It's not about us. =)

    I hope your travels are fabulous.

  2. Love that shot of my fave bird of those parts...pyrrhuloxia !