October 26, 2012


It looks like tonight I will finally get a chance at some owls after four nights of rain and/or wind. The daylight hours have also been filled with some pretty miserable weather, but today I got out to the main blind for most of the day and got to see a good number of birds. Though the five Goshawks and the Red-tail were great, the highlight of the day was the Common Raven that I caught on the main bownet. We've been seeing a lot of crows and ravens moving through the area in the past few weeks, but very rarely do we catch them.  They're smart birds and are just usually not that interested in taking on a pigeon, starling or dove for a meal. But this one was feeling gutsy, and went for it!

A beautiful bird with a massive, strong bill, great for tearing at flesh, whether it be mine, or a dead deer. IMG_1502
The single photo in which I am not being chomped on. IMG_1489

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