October 28, 2012


On only second night of running the Boreal Owl caller we caught one!  This was my first ever seen or banded, so it was great bird for me, especially catching it at 4am after a fairly slow night of Saw-whets.

Kind of a bigger, evil brother of the Saw-whet





Chunky bird with big furry legs, taking the same band size as a Long-eared Owl, though only weighing about half as much.

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  1. Hi there. Great pictures of the Boreal Owl, they certainly do look like the bigger brother of the Northern Saw-Whet Owl. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and this past Friday, my wife and I came upon an adult Saw-Whet Owl out in the bush. This was the first time as birders that we had ever seen a Saw-Whet Owl. Fortunately, we had our camera with us and got some good pictures and video. We have posted them for anyone interested at: http://frametoframe.ca/photo-essay-northern-saw-whet-owl-sighting