October 19, 2011

Tahoe Day 3

Throughout the three days we had amazing weather, if you're into clear skies and the sun. Temperatures varied quite a bit, getting pretty hot during mid-day when we were walking around exposed, chilly in the shade with some wind, and maybe freezing after the sun went down. Other than the fact that we didn't bring sunscreen the conditions were perfect for what we were doing.

Day three was kind of a long one. We got moving by 7:30 and retraced a couple of miles we had hiked the day before so that we could get to fresh trail going up Mt. Tallac. Kanner read somewhere that it has "the best 360 degree view in the US" or something like that. I was skeptical, but it was spectacular indeed.

On the way up we stopped at Lake Gilmore for breakfast and then again on the way down for lunch.

Some kind of ground squirrel with a huge mushroom to munch on

Kanner at the top

View from Mt. Tallac


This video is also just all wind, so turn the volume off:

We then hiked back to our bags and out the the cars, 18 or so miles for the day.

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