October 31, 2011


Everyday each person on the island takes a two hour shift at the lighthouse in order to watch for great white shark attacks. Almost everyday there are a couple of boats around the island also looking for sharks, some are research boats, others are cage divers (people pay 800+ to come out and get in a cage and attempt to see a shark). Both of these types of boats are permitted to drag decoys (seal shaped neoprene figures) as a way to bring in sharks, and apparently they work because two days ago there were a few attacks on the decoys, as well as one true attack.

I didn't get a good look at this seal attack, but this is what you look for

Here's one from a decoy attack, which ended up just being a bit of trashing, but the people on the boats below LOVE it, and were cheering so loudly we could hear them from the lighthouse

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