August 20, 2010

Second rain day

Another day of rain here. Yesterday was our first full day at work. I woke up at 6:30, boiled water for coffee, listened to NPR while looking out of the blind until 11:30 which is when we listen to "Chapter of the day" on WPR, which is currently Bob Dylan's autobiography, I took a break for a run on the trails around the ridge, took a "shower" with a solar shower (cold), sat in the blind until three while listening to NPR, drank a beer, looked out the blind until 6 while listening to NPR, listened to twins game, at 7:30 its dark enough to take away some of the bait birds, but leave out the dove because for some reason nighthawks are intrigued by them, tried to catch nighthawks until 8, shut all the nets down, listened to music in the blind with everyone until 9:30 while reading, went to bed. We saw fewer than 10 hawks, and had one sharp shinned bounce out of our net (which I missed during my half hour absence while running). While it sounds terribly boring (and was), it only gets better from here as the birds start to migrate. We will be catching hundreds of birds, but it takes a bit of waiting.

If anyone is interested in visiting they are more than welcome. The best time to come up and see lots of birds would be the first week or so of October. During that time we'll be getting a variety of hawks during the day (in good numbers) and lots of saw whet owls at night:

The exterior of our sleeping shack:

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