August 18, 2010

First couple days

Alright, so, in Duluth. We've had a couple of days of set up and are ready to trap some hawks. The only problem is that the hawks don't really start flying for a couple of weeks...and it's raining. So the next couple of weeks we will be having some long boring days of looking into the empty sky, perhaps catching a few birds, but mostly just waiting for september to some. I'll try to put up pictures as they come, but internet is scarce and there won't be much action for awhile.

Here are a couple of pictures of where we're working/living.

This is the back end of the banding blind, with our food stacked up on the shelves

Inside the blind:

I sleep on the left bottom!

My bossman. Chain smokin,' coke and beer drinkin,' no eatin,' hawk wranglin' dude, with an injured merlin brought by:

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