April 29, 2013


So far this season I have taken very few in-hand bird photos, but here are a few, most of which are off of my iPhone, so not great, good birds though.  Now that the intensive training period has passed I think I'll be taking and posting more photos, both in-hand and in the wild.

We caught five Cedar Waxwings this week at one of our offsites, my first ever in-hand.  There was a flock of over a hundred in the area, but only a few seemed low enough to make it into our nets, a few others even bounced out.

I'm not sure what's going on with the lighting in this photo, but look at the WAX! Amazing.

We've caught more swallows this season than I ever have before, all of which were Tree Swallows, except for this one female Violet-green.

Tree Swallow looking minuscule next to these hands.

Swamp Sparrows are around, but not too common, so catching two new ones this season has been a nice surprise.

A messy looking Yellow-rumped Warbler.


  1. What a treat. I'm wondering if cedar wax wings are actually real--they are ALWAYS stunningly gorgeous and perfectly groomed. Probably embarrassingly so if you are that yellow-rump. That tree sparrow is about as big as your thumb. TINY!