November 2, 2012

Better LEOWs

Always surprised, always mad.IMG_1608IMG_1607IMG_1606IMG_1561IMG_1560IMG_1558IMG_1554IMG_1553

1 comment:

  1. =) I can see why you call these better.

    'Cause the other photographs sucked, eh?

    Your shots (all of those posted here) are SO superlative, I'm not sure "better" works. =)

    I like when wildlife I handle is pissy (well, after the fact), 'cause I totally deserve it (snagging them from their lives with my stinky mammalian appendages), and it's possibly a sign of good energy supplies. Tho' mild mannered makes handling faster, which is always my goal, for their sake.

    blah blah blah. pardon. your owls & photos rock. nuf said.