June 4, 2012


Today is another rain/data day, bringing me to the big city (Quincy), where a post is possible!

Last week I camped and point counted with Mr. Lipp in the northern regions of Lassen National Forest. We caught fish and got ripped to shreds by manzanita, so there were ups and downs to the week, but it was especially nice for me to switch things up by helping out with their project, getting to see slightly different birds and habitat for the week.

Mountain Quail are spectacular. Though they do not shout "CHICAGO" like their Cali Quail relatives, they sure can belt out a good "Quork!"

Barn Swallows were nesting under this bridge, which was over a creek full of highly uninterested trout.

There were SO MANY butterflies everywhere we went. We must have hit hundreds with our truck, as they seem to gravitate toward moist surfaces...like these sandals.

This year the Juncos here are actually able to nest, as compared to last year, when there were still multiple feet of snow at many of our sites.

From the top of Burney Mountain at sunset.


Listen for the background barks

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  1. sweet! ARF! =) Only thing I don't like about grey fox is trying to remember how to spell their scientific name--ouch.

    LOVE mt. quail. Have hardly EVER seen them, but MAN are they stylish, and their call, when you are deep in the woods, has such a mysterious quality. Love it! =) Thanks for sharing.