April 3, 2012

So common

After a week away from the internet I always return with mixed feelings of dread and eagerness when it comes to checking email and reading my way through the 50+ blog posts sitting in my google reader. But with hours to kill in the airport, what else will I do? We thought we might have some troubles getting through immigration, because even though there is a 90 day maximum visit to CR (today is our 90th day), our passports had 40 days written in on the stamp for some reason...but now we're sitting at our gate having not even encountered a line or immigration desk.

In response to Danwell's recent kingbird and warbler posts, I give you the same species, but in MY BEAR HANDS.

Tropical Kingbird

Pissed off and showy

The most common warbler in Tortuguero, but only the last few that we captured showed any pazazz.

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