February 1, 2012


We're back! For the last week we have been banding at our chilly high elevation site, called Madre Selva. It was an awesome change in scenery, temperature, and birds from Tortuguero, and we had rooms to ourselves!

The land we stay and work on is owned by our boss's family and has only been operated as a banding site for a two or three years. The first house was our humble abode for the week, kept warmish (not at all) by a tiny wood stove.



Another plus to this site were the higher capture rates. Though we weren't rolling in birds, there were definitely a lot more caught and aside from a few of the warblers, they were, of course, new to me. Again, I found myself desperate for my 400mm of lens with every Flame-throated Warbler and Brush-finch I saw, but was forced to settle on in-hand pictures for now.

Collared Redstart

White-throated Mountain-gem

Chestnut-capped Brush-finch

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