January 15, 2012

Costa Rica

After 10 days of vacay in Costa Rica with the family and all associated significant others, it has come to an end and Amanda and I will be starting out banding job today. We had 5 days on the coast and 5 or so inland a bit, some in the cloud forest some in the rain forest, all on the Pacific side of the country. There have obviously been ups and downs of the trip including lots of new birds and sites for me and the rest but also a robbery that left us minus five cameras (including my two cameras...). It's been great, but it will be nice to settle into a routine in the near future.

Though we did lose hundreds of pictures and lots of gear, I still have my computer and managed to load the first few days of pictures. So until I get another zoom lens I'll be working with what I got in the first few days and macro shots galore.

Montezuma Oropendola


  1. Shit! That sucks dude. I'm hella sad now. Get a new one pronto. I wanna see that Tortuguero shit.

  2. LAAAAMMMMEEE!!! No bueno. Get some new lenses man. We expect high quality photography.