November 5, 2011


Today Amanda and Melissa were kind enough to bring us food from the mainland! Every two weeks volunteers do a big grocery shop and hop onto a boat (which has also been volunteered to take the trip out) to bring it to us in order to resupply our fridges and pantry. They made it out here early afternoon, got a quick tour of the island and were getting back onto the sailboat again within an hour and a half. It's a brutally long day for anyone who does that (they shopped all evening last night, woke up at 5am, and will probably get home by midnight) and they also had some horrible weather on the way back, making it extra rough, so THANK YOU for doing it! Glad they got to see the island for what it is, but also where I'm working and living.

I somehow did not take any pictures while Amanda was here, but maybe she will supply some on her blog?

This sea lion was not happy about the e-seal. The e-seal could have cared less.


Black Turnstone

Black Oystercatcher, should still be the logo, I think



Big swell yesterday, made us wonder if the food and friends were going to make it onto the island today

Same Brown Creeper. I found him trying to cling to the house, he finally found the roof, then finally found the tree.

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  1. You're welcome for the food! What a lovely place.

    Made it safely home at 2:30 am! But I guess it's 1:30 now with daylight savings time. It's raining now, so with any luck we'll have a slow banding day tomorrow. My bed is rocking back and forth...

    Note for the mice enthusiasts-- I did see mice. There is absolutely no ground cover so there were mice constantly running around into and out of any hole they could find. Holes in the ground, holes in the rocks, holes in old bricks. SO MANY MICE/HOLES!