September 22, 2011

From DC, NYC, Boston and Shutesbury

Over the weekend I had some visitors. It was fun. Ben, Lizzie, Maya, Carson and Peter all made it out to Leverett for some hiking around Mt. Toby, outdoor games, settling of Catan, and great great food from my dear mother. My dad also got them to move a huge rock.

Pondering the flipPhotobucket
Trying to flipPhotobucket
Thanks mom!Photobucket

Ben, furiously arguing the rules of SPUD

Carson, in fact, still has it

We found this little wren on a walk, looked like it was hit by a car, but could still make it?IMG_2871

Up at the Peace Pagoda

Just got back from Maine. Katahdin and banding at Manomet pictures to come.


  1. maybe if your dad were wearing some CUT gear it woulda been easier to flip?

  2. I think the rock looked better where it was before. maybe you guys should move it back?

    also what's SPUD?? cool yard.