April 8, 2011

Walk with Stallcup

Today the interns went out on a walk with Rich Stallcup, one of the long time PRBO employees and current naturalist for the group. Again, like with Steve Howell, it was such a great opportunity for us to just walk around with such a knowledgeable and interested person and hear and see how he approaches bird watching and absorbing the rest of the world around us. We walked a loop at the Five Brooks trail, and one at the Bear Valley visiting center, making it a short day of work for us all, but much gained, in my opinion.


Here's a list of species (53) we saw in the couple of hours with Rich:

American robin, brown headed cowbird, red winged blackbird, western scrubjay, Oregon junco, mallard duck, California quail, hairy woodpecker, steller's jay, American goldfinch, American crow, acorn woodpecker, downy woodpecker, Allen's hummingbird, tree swallow, sharp shinned hawk, brewer's blackbird, chestnut backed chickadee, ruby crowned kinglet, black phoebe, great blue heron, American wigeon, pie billed grebe, osprey, spotted towhee, purple finch, double crested cormorant, song sparrow, wrentit, pine siskin, Wilson's warbler, band tailed pigeon, pacific wren, pygmy nuthatch, pacific slope flycatcher, brown creeper, turkey vulture, piliated woodpecker, California towhee, red tailed hawk, white tailed kite, violet green swallow, common raven, Nuttall's woodpecker, varied thrush, golden crowned kinglet, oak titmouse, bushtit, warbling vireo, yellow rumped warbler, golden crowned sparrow and red shouldered hawk.

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