September 13, 2010

99 problems

We've been having some great days recently and have just about doubled the number of hawks they caught in total here last year (which basically just tells you how bad last year was, but still...). We had 99 birds today (93 shins, 1 goshawk, 4 kestrels, 1 broadwing) and 74 yesterday (73 shins, 1 kestrel). Patrick got a chance to come up for the night and got a great look at the way the station functions on a good shin day. The day was looking slow at first, but after catching a few it picked up and while I was taking birds out of the nets he was able to do some trapping on his own, catching our only kestrel of the day yesterday.


Nictitating membrane on the broadwing:

Male kestrel:


Female goshawk:


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